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Spring / Summer Dressage Series 2018 League Table

Final results after the 28th July Dressage Series Competition

Updated 30/7/18 @ 3:40pm

1st = 10pts, 2nd = 8pts, 3rd = 5pts, 4th = 3pts, 5th = 2pts, 6th = 1pt

Photos from Saturday's dressage were taken by Julia Shearwood, International Equestrian Photography -

Congratulations to all our League Winners: Kate Heidukewitsch, Holly Woolock, Tori Harrison and Rebecca Olivant.
CLASS 1: Intro B
ChampionKate Heidukewitsch
Reserve ChampionSharon Watters, Holly Woollock
12Richard Elston
10Sarah Serati, Lucy Heckford
8Suzie Gelsthorpe, Abbie Coulson, Phoebe Corner
5Emma Goddard, Mandy Morris, Stephanie Davies, Millie Fenwick
3Lisa Channing, Emma Goddard, Ellie Willoughby
2Ashlene Bagshaw, Millie Walters, Lesley Keen, Jo Stacey, Freya Mullholland
1Derwyn Ashley, Annie James, Gabrielle Fryer, Sue Markin
CLASS 2: Prelim 7
ChampionHolly Woollock
Reserve ChampionHeather Elston, Anna Owen, Polly Clark, Suzie Gelsthorpe, Julia Shearwood
9Nikki Beckett
8Paul Newbert, Touryn Collins, Abbie Coulson, georgie Matthews
5Joanne Burrows, Anna Owen
3Jenni Walls, Lesley Keen, Eve Marshall, Millie Fenwick
2Rosie Burden, Lucy Wright, Clare Trebble, Audra Towndrow, Kate H
1Ashlene Bagshaw, Sharon Watters, Anita Sheldon, Gemma Slack
CLASS 3: Pick-a-Test
ChampionTori Harrison
Reserve ChampionLinda Cooper, Nikki Beckett
10Nikki Beckett, Heather Elston, Natasha Rhodes, Holly Woollock
8Sarah Ruffles (N), Matthew Smith, Eve Marshall
5Jenni Walls, Morag Sanderson, Sarah Wheatcroft, Evie L-S
3Emily Hubbard, Sue Markin, Gemma Slack
2Anna Owen, Jessica Wilkinson, Stephanie Davies, Sally Mackie
1Natasha Smith, Chrissie Sunderland, Louise Graham
CLASS 4: Novice 30
ChampionRebecca Olivant
Reserve ChampionTori Harrison
10Sarah Ruffles
8Ashlene Bagshaw, Beth Towle
5Emily Hubbard, Sarah Wheatcroft
3Linda Gray, Zara Clark
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