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Bay Horse over blue XC jump

Spring / Summer Dressage Series 2018 Timetable

Updated 26/7/18 @ 11:40am

  • March 2018 - August 2018

Dressage Series Timetable for July 28th 2018

Photos from Saturday's dressage are taken by Julia Shearwood, International Equestrian Photography -

Notes for ALL Competitors:
a) due to the warm weather jackets are not required this Saturday;
b) please remember to bring lots of water for you and your horse;
c) don't forget to build in some extra time after your tests if you'd like to try some amazing saddles out on your horse courtesy of Retford Saddlery - no obligation whatsoever, just a great chance to have a play.
Saturday July 28th - Judge: Robyn Wetherall
109:00Louise MarriottIzzy Me Youre Looking ForIntro B
209:06Phoebe CornerValenciaIntro B
309:12Sally TrueslerBallyhein BettyIntro B
409:18Millie FenwickLoganIntro B
509:25Mandy KendallScooterIntro B
609:31Freya MulhollandCraughwell PatchIntro B
709:38Taylor HensonHarvest GoldIntro B
809:44Abbie CoulsonJulioIntro B
909:50Abbie CoulsonJulioPrelim 7
1009:56Millie FenwickLoganPrelim 7
1110:02Freya MulhollandCraughwell PatchPrelim 18
1210:10Taylor HensonHarvest GoldPrelim 18
1310:16Heidi WightmanTimmyPrelim 7
1410:22Hazel WebsterBouncerPrelim 7
1510:28Lucy WrightAlanPrelim 7
BREAK 10:35am - 10:45am
1610:45Moira RichardsonBouncerIntro B
1710:51Sharon WattersWalterIntro B
1810:57Catherine Noot-DaviesTontoIntro B
1911:05Harriet GreenHaroldIntro B
2011:12Faye McGinleyTilyIntro B
2111:18Ellie WilloughbyRossiIntro B
2211:24Sharon WattersWalterPrelim 7
2311:30Catherine Noot-DaviesTontoPrelim 7
2411:37Faye McGinleyTillyPrelim 7
2511:43Ellie WilloughbyRossiPrelim 7
2611:50Elizabeth WillcoxSylvias Rainbow HazeIntro B
2711:56Gabrielle FryerAlice SpringsIntro B
2812:02MollyKaliIntro B
2912:02Elizabeth WillcoxSylvias Rainbow HazePrelim 7
3012:08Georgie MatthewsDancerPrelim 7
BREAK 12:15pm - 12:35pm
3112:35Holly WoollockChinaIntro B
3212:41Jo LynesCustard PieIntro B
3312:47Diane ScottHarvest MoonIntro B
3412:55Sally MackietbcPrelim 7
3513:01Nikki BeckettBowlerPrelim 7
3613:07Gemma SlackLord WhinstonPrelim 7
3713:14Holly WoollockChinaPrelim 7
3813:20Diane ScottHarvest MoonPrelim 18
3913:26Sally MackieTBCPrelim 18
4013:33Nikki BeckettBowler (N)Novice 27
4113:40Gemma SlackLord Whinston (BE)BE 96
4213:46Sarah WheatcroftBreaston ArchiePrelim 18
4313:52Holly WoollockChinaPrelim 18
4413:59Matthew SmithLuv U LuckyPrelim 7
4514:06Tori HarrisonRoo (BE)BE 96
4614:12Matthew SmithLuv U Lucky (BE)BE 96
4714:18Sarah WheatcroftBreaston ArchieNovice 30
4814:25Tori HarrisonRooNovice 30
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