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Bay Horse over blue XC jump

Spring / Summer Dressage Series 2021 Competition Timetable

Updated 21/4/21 @ 6:10pm

  • Saturday 24th April 2021

Photos from Saturday's dressage are taken by Julia Shearwood, International Equestrian Photography -

We look forward to welcoming you back to PES and would respectfully remind you that there are strictly NO spectators allowed please (1 helper is permitted if the competitor is a child). Please bring with you a SAE that is big enough for your sheet and rosette, no sheets will be available for collection on the day. We thank you all for your cooperation whilst we try to keep everyone safe.

Many thanks.

(Click here to view the guidelines)

PES Dressage Series COVID Details

Updated 29/10/20 @ 10:30am

During this period, PES will be following government guidelines and these should be adhered to as below:

  • Social distancing of 1-2m should be adhered to at all times.
  • Strictly NO spectators allowed please, 1 helper is permitted if the competitor is a child. The viewing area will not be available.
  • Callers are allowed, but only by personnel already in attendance. Caller must stand at the entrance gate only.
  • A parking steward will be present on the day and you must park in accordance with social distancing regulations. Tacking up should take place on the lorry or trailer with no horses to be tied to the outside of the vehicle in order to minimise space needed.
  • There will be a limit of 4 riders in the warm-up arena at any time. A steward will collect you for your test and escort you to the test arena. The warm-up arena is not to be used for cooling down unless you have another test within the next 4 riders.
  • Please ensure you bring a stamped addressed envelope with you for your score sheet and rosette (as applicable) to be posted to you. Competitors will not be permitted to wait around for sheets to be marked.
  • Toilet facilities will be available and will be cleaned on a regular basis. However, if you have a toilet in your lorry we would encourage you to use that as a preference please. Ensure hands are washed / sanitised regularly. Sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the warm-up arena and in the toilet.
  • Unfortunately no catering facilities will be available at the moment.
  • We advise that all visits should be recorded, including petrol stations etc, to allow for tracking if this is necessary in the future.
  • We would like to express our thanks to you all for your support and understanding during these strange times and wish you all a healthy and happy visit to us.
Saturday 24th April 2021 - Judge: Sophie Young
Please note Timetable Update 21/4/21 @ 6:10pm
108:30Kate LewinDelilahPrelim 2
208:36Katie JacksonSmartieIntro C
308:42Alice CliffElvisIntro C
408:48Helen PaskinsKerryIntro C
508:55Amanda MorrisJackIntro C
609:02Ella Noot-DaviesRockyIntro C
709:08George Noot-DaviesUffington KyaniteIntro C
809:15Hannah MajorHenryPrelim 14
909:21Kia WilliamsCodelinentePrelim 14
1009:27Lauren ParkinsonLittle OwlPrelim 14
1109:35Sally ReedTampopoPrelim 14
1209:41Michelle LeeTedwardPrelim 14
1309:48Harriet AkehurstDark PrincePrelim 2
1409:55Sally ReedTampopoPrelim 2
1510:02Julia LakeCoachmanPrelim 2
1610:09Nadege CharlesDominoPrelim 2
1710:16Matthew Smith (BE)Luv U LuckyBE 96
BREAK - 10:25am - 10:35am
1810:35Kay SharpeDawn SonnyIntro C
1910:41Georgie BroomSchweppsIntro C
2010:48Cherry UnderwoodBlondieIntro C
2110:55Gemma DeakinYou've Been Tango'dIntro C
2211:01Victoria FlavillChoklat ChipIntro C
2311:07Millie BowlerCostessa FeysuiIntro C
2411:14Rebecca PyePrinceIntro C
2511:22Georgie BroomSchweppsPrelim 14
2611:28Cherry UnderwoodBlondiePrelim 14
2711:35Heather RedfernMaxPrelim 14
2811:41Polly ClarkBathleyhills MonetPrelim 14
2911:47Gemma DeakinYou've Been Tango'dPrelim 2
3012:00Derwyn AshleyCynthiaPrelim 2
3111:55Kate HLolaPrelim 2
3212:01Kelly BrownMiss BPrelim 2
3312:08Nicki GrennanPollyPrelim 2
3412:15Polly ClarkBathlehills MonetNovice 27
3512:22Derwyn AshleyCynthiaPrelim 14
3612:30Kate HLolaPrelim 14
LUNCH - 12:40pm - 1:00pm
3713:00Kelly BrownMiss BPrelim 14
3813:06Annie ReavleyBlack BallPrelim 14
3913:12Linda CooperBasilPrelim 14
4013:18Harriet GreenHaroldPrelim 14
4113:25Jo McNeilRosieNovice 27
4213:31Steph DaviesBroNovice 27
4313:38Catherine RiddinLillyNovice 27
4413:45Harriet GreenHaroldNovice 27
4513:52Bethany Day (BE)OscarBE 96
4614:00Nicki Grennan FfionNovice 27
4714:07Gill ClarkMoniNovice 27
4814:14Andrea GuyKillowen VictorNovice 27
4914:20Anna SpierLolliNovice 27
5014:27Nicki Grennan DarwinNovice 27
5114:35Gill Clarke (Elem)MoniElem 49
5214:42Andrea Guy (Elem)Killowen VictorElem 49
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