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Updated 30/7/20 @ 11:00am
Vaccination Policy
Following advice from our vets and in line with affiliated competition bodies, all horses staying or competing on site need to have had their vaccination booster within the 12 months prior to visiting us. Many thanks.

NEW - Unaffiliated Show Jumping Competition

Updated 10/11/20 @ 2:30pm


  • 11th December 2021
  • 15th January 2022
  • 19th February 2022
  • Visit the "My Riding Life" Full Calendar page for more information.

Competition Classes:

  • Class 1: Clear Round from 9am
  • Class 2: 60cm
  • Class 3: 70cm
  • Class 4: 70cm + water (this will include a run in & out of the water jump adjacent to the arena)
  • Class 5: 80cm
  • Class 6: 90cm
  • Class 7: 1m

Rosettes to 6th place.

Clear Round £5, all other classes £14.


Visit the new "My Riding Life" Full Calendar page for times (when they are available), or go to our Show Jumping Times page for our 13th November competition timetable.

Dressage Boot Camp

Updated 8/10/21 @ 9:35am

A programme of intensive training designed to prepare you and your horse for the competition at the end. Limited places to enable tailored tuition. Every level catered for.

Price includes 2 x private lessons / day (Thursday & Friday), 1 class entry to competition (Saturday).

£130 pp includes all tuition as above and entry into 1 class.


  • 25th / 26th November 2021
  • 27th / 28th January 2022
  • 24th / 25th February 2022
  • 24th / 25th March 2022

To enter and for all other enquiries please contact Bex on 07791 792711.

Autumn / Winter Dressage Series 2021 / 2022

Updated 24/11/21 @ 12:00pm

Competition Dates:

  • 27th November 2021
  • 18th December 2021
  • 29th January 2022
  • 26th Februay 2022
  • 26th March 2022
  • Visit the "My Riding Life" Event Calendar page for more information when available.

Competition Classes:

  • Class 1: Intro A
  • Class 2: Pick-a-Test choose from Prelim 7, Novice 24, Elementary 42
  • Class 3: Prelim 18
  • Class 4: Novice 30


Visit the new "My Riding Life" Event Calendar page for times (when they are available), or go to our Event Times page for our 27th November event timetable.

NEW - Polework Clinic

Updated 28/10/21 @ 9:30am



Text or call Bex on 07791 792711 for more details.


Updated 28/10/21 @ 9:30am

Having spent the past few months representing Great Britain on Nations Cup duty, winning cars as well as classes, Joe is now back for a series of clinics over the winter.


Cost as follows:-

  • £55 Private *
  • £45 Shared
  • £35 Groups *

* Updated 16/4/21

Limited places so first come first served.

Book now by texting Bex 07791792711 (online entry also available)

Bay Horse over white show jump

Group Clinics

Updated 6/9/21 @ 12:10pm


  • 6th November 2021
  • Visit the "My Riding Life" Event Calendar page for more information.
  • NOTE: Water Schooling groups will also be available on the dates above.

By popular demand, we have increased the number of dates available for the group clinics. The format will be flatwork followed by jumping sessions and you can take part in either or both. Juniors and seniors welcome and groups will be of riders of similar ability to ensure everyone gets the most out of the sessions.

Prices as follows: Groups of 3 or 4 riders will be £25/rider*.     *Updated 27/8/20 @ 9:45am

Text or call Bex on 07791 792711 for more details.

Combined Training Bootcamp

Updated 16/4/21 @ 11:55am

Whether your thing is dressage, jumping or eventing we all can benefit from some intensive training to kick-start the season or give some invaluable input to keep us on track.

These bootcamps will consist of groundwork, flatwork, pole work and jumping and you can choose any 2 private sessions.

For example you can do 2 x flatwork or 1 x poles and 1 x jumping etc.


  • tbc

To book in please text Bex on 07791 792711 with your 2 session choices a) groundwork, b) flatwork, c) poles d) jumping.

Darryl Thickitt Dressage Clinic

Updated 20/8/19 @ 4:45pm

We are very pleased to announce some regular clinic dates.

Darryl takes a very simple approach and strives to gain the very best out of every horse/rider combination no matter what level you are riding at.


£50 per lesson.

Please text Bex to book your place on 07791 792711.

Groundwork Training demo

Groundwork Training

Updated 8/10/21 @ 9:35am

Train Your Horse From The Ground Up


  • 12th November 2021 - Level 3*
  • 3rd December 2021 - Level 2
  • Visit the "My Riding Life" Event Calendar page for more information.
  • * levels swapped - 8/10/21

Would you like to improve your horse's performance, manners, self-confidence or general way of going?

Opening the lines of communication between you & your horse will help you both unlock the secrets to improvement one step at a time.

No magic, no gimmicks, this simple to understand training method is aimed at every horse and rider wanting to achieve just that bit more...

Don't miss out on limited places for the first in a series of demos and clinics on how to train your horse from the ground upwards.
A few spaces available to bring your horse to take part too.

Introductory price of £5/person, pay on the day, but to give us an idea of numbers please register your intention to come by texting "DEMO" to 07791 792711.

If you'd like to bring your horse and take part please call Bex on 07791 792711 to discuss.

Facebook See Professional Equine Services on Facebook for more details

Horse & Rider "MOT"

Updated 6/2/17 @ 11:00am

Horse & Rider MOT

For information and to book in please contact Bex on 07791 792711.

This unique approach to horse and rider performance management brings together a group of highly qualified experts all in one place to offer you and your horse a full top-to-toe evaluation & plan.

Covering everything from farriers, dentistry, osteopathy, saddlery, human physiotherapy and ridden instruction all brought together under the watchful eye of one of the country's most forward-thinking equine veterinary practices.

Come and learn more at our evening clinic and find out how we can help you achieve your equine goals, no matter how big or small.

Rase Veterinary Centre -
Martin Brookes - Equine Dental Services -
InBalance Sports Therapy -

Trec Training

Trec Training with Evie O-Keeffe

Updated 6/5/20 @ 10:20am


  • tbc

For more information or to book a place, please go


Updated 6/5/20 @ 10:20am


  • tbc

Please contact Catherine Sapphire Dachtler on Facebook for further details.

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