Professional Equine Services Facilities


Professional Equine Services moved to the Kneesall site in January 2011 and whilst much of the yard is completed there are a few exciting additions still to come.

The site is accessed through a secure entranceway and the Hepburns live on site. The perimeter to all the paddocks is securely fenced with post & 4-rails and then further divided with wooden posts and electric fencing. Set within the vast acreage of Thoresby Estate the off-road hacking routes surrounding the site are second to none. There is also the added benefit of indoor turn-out crew yards for those times when the weather is simply too British!

The indoor arena measures 20m x 45m, has an indoor viewing area, dressage judges box and a superb gel-coated Combi-Ride surface. Full width mirrors, great lighting and easy access gates make this an idea arena to ride in.

The 30m x 60m Outdoor Arena The outdoor arena measures 30m x 60m, is surrounded by post & rail fencing and also boast the excellent Combi-Ride surface. Set at the rear of the site this arena has magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and is super to jump in. An exciting addition to our outdoor arena, and now ready for bookings, is a bespoke water jump with sloped run and jumps in and out. Great for young horses, novice XC and those getting used to water.

Monarch Stables The new Monarch stables are located in a large, well ventilated barn. There is a mixture of 12x12 and 20x12 stables with a variety of solid or grill partitions. All stables have full rubber matting and integrated Monarch hay feeders. The barn is airy and spacious with plenty of areas for grooming and tacking up.

We sometimes wondered how we ever managed without the amazing 6-horse Monarch horse walker. One of the largest diameter walkers available to ensure the horses are not walking tight circles and have plenty of space to turn around. Wash box, Monarch stocks and a solarium complement the yard.

Secure tack room, rug storage and livery kitchen (featuring washer, fridge, freezer and microwave) are also on site.

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