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Jackson at Frickley Ditch Here at Professional Equine Services we pride ourselves in the atmosphere we create for liveries and visitors. We all have experiences of "yard cliques" and how destructive and demoralising they can be so we work hard to promote an open, inclusive and supportive environment where horses are contented and owners are happy. We offer the following livery packages:


Full Livery:

  • Includes 365 days muck-out, turnout, bring in, hay / haylege, hard feed, bedding, fields poo-picked and all routine appointments managed (vaccines, farrier, dentist, physio).

Training Livery:

  • as Full Livery but with tailor-made schooling plans for training, re-training, saLe preparation etc.

Competition Livery:

  • Your horse can be produced for competition or competed on your behalf.

Rehabilitation Livery:

  • Your injured horse can be brought gradually back into work via a tailor-made, veterinary-approved exercise programme.

Holiday Livery:

  • For peace of mind whilst you are away.

Andrew with bowler hat With over 45 years combined experience of teaching, riding and producing, we offer lessons and coaching to suit all levels of rider and horse no matter what stage their education is at. Whether you are a novice, someone who has lost their confidence, need help with competing or have a new or troublesome horse, as a qualified Advanced Sports Psychology coach, Andrew is perfectly placed to help you and your equine pal.


  • Ridden (Flat & jumping, all disciplines)
  • Groundwork (Lunging, long-lining, backing & starting, showing in-hand, youngsters)
  • Help with "problems" (Loading, napping, clipping, spookiness... the list is endless)
  • Training for BHS & NVQ exam preparation
  • Sports Psychology coaching
  • We also offer personal fitness training from our base in Carburton
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