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Bay Horse over blue XC jump

Unaffiliated Show Jumping Competition Timetable

Updated 13/10/21 @ 5:10pm

  • Saturday 16th October 2021

Photos from Saturday's dressage are taken by Julia Shearwood, International Equestrian Photography -

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday for our show jumping competition. We will run a single phase competition with rosettes awarded (non-mounted) at the end of each class or via SAE if you bring one with you please. Spectators are welcome but be advised that only riders (max 3) are permitted in the warm up arena and only PES staff may handle the jump poles or adjust warm-up fence heights. Thank you for your cooperation.

Many thanks.

(Click here to view the guidelines - updated 16/6/21)

PES Dressage Series COVID Details

Updated 16/6/21 @ 12:25pm

During this period, PES will be following government guidelines and these should be adhered to as below:

  • Social distancing of 1-2m should be adhered to at all times.
  • Spectators are permitted but should be limited to no more than 6 people from 2 households.
  • A parking steward will help you park on the day and we request, where possible, that you tack up in your trailer or lorry in order to minimise space needed.
  • There will be a strict limit of 3 riders in the indoor warm-up arena, no “helpers” are permitted into the arena and only PES staff are to change jump heights (in accordance with the class heights).
  • Toilet facilities will be available and will be cleaned on a regular basis. However, if you have a toilet in your lorry we would encourage you to use that as a preference please.
  • We advise that all visits should be recorded, including petrol stations etc, to allow for tracking if necessary in the future.
  • We would like to express our thanks to you for your support and understanding and wish you all a happy visit to us.
Updated 1/8/21 @ 2:05pm
We apologise for the inconvenience, but this month we will not have any catering available on site for the show jumping so please feel free to bring refreshments with you.
Saturday 16th October 2021
09:00Evie HaywoodCarrie
09:05Sydney RichardsonEddy
09:20Evie HaywoodCarrie
09:24Sydney RichardsonEddy
09:28Bertie DavisonChunk
09:32Phoebe SumnallRyan
09:36Harriet AkehurstPrince
09:40Louise MarriotIzzy Me Your Looking For
09:44Stephanie MillAva
09:48Jemma LynchTaya
10:05Evie HaywoodCarrie
10:09Derwyn AshleyCynthia
10:13Emily YatesDettori
10:17Bertie DavisonChunk
10:21Mia ShinfieldBlack Tie Affair
10:25Phoebe SumnallRyan
10:29Jemma LynchTaya
10:33Annette MichaelsDeacons Hill
10:37Debbie MortonCasper
10:41Liz TateDash of Class
10:45Georgie StaniforthMocha Choca Chino
11:00Harriet AkehurstPrince
11:04Louise MarriotIzzy Me Your Looking For
11:08Debbie MortonCasper
11:12Leah BoddyTommy
11:30Bertie DavisonChunk
11:34Derwyn AshleyCynthia
11:38Emily YatesDettori
11:42Mia ShinfieldBlack Tie Affair
11:46Liz TateDash of Class
11:50Georgie StaniforthMocha Choca Chino
11:54Leah BoddyTommy
11:58Karen DoubledayDaisy
12:02Natalie BrownDuncan
12:06Rachel HandyTurlough Mist
12:10Gracie-May BrownMaghera Fadda Son
12:30Emily YatesDettori
12:34Rachel HandyTurlough Mist
12:38Gracie-May BrownMaghera Fadda Son
12:42Tara BrownKeira
12:46Eve LilleyFive Star Frankie
12:50Skyy JamesFacebook
12:54Rachel HandyLife Story
13:10Eve LilleyFive Star Frankie
13:14Skyy JamesFacebook
13:18Rachel HandyLife Story
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